About Austroconcert

Established in 1970 Austroconcert celebrates more than 50 years of musical excellence

thomas wolfram

Here at Austroconcert International Music Management, we provide a creative environment by working with our partners and artists on a wonderfully diverse array of projects. Based in the great city of Vienna, we deliver our visions of a modern, flexible and innovative artists & music management.

Many years of experience and know-how are reflected in our work and team. We work in a spirit of collaboration, unity and positivity, and it’s a source of pride to have a team composed of true experts.

The many careers developed, accompanied and managed as well as the numerous tours organized and projects realized over five decades pay tribute to our unrivalled dedication. For more information about our 50 years of musical excellence, check out our historical records.

Elisabetta Hartl-Murat has been active within Austroconcert since 1997. Thomas Wolfram has already been partner of Austroconcert for eight years from 1979 to 1987 before joining the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg as Director until 2020. We are glad to have him back as Partner and Consultant of Austroconcert.